kimberly lashea brown


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Woke up with the urge

to create

pen or paint

from dawn to dusk

God breathes

my way

to create

purpose on 

this canvas

vision in my eyes

souls awake



kimberly lashea

Kimberly Lashea Brown is a creative soul that loves life.  She currently lives in a small town in Arkansas, never in a million years did she think Menifee would be the place she called home.  She always says "You want to make God laugh tell him your plans." 

As an artist, she uses various media to express her feelings and emotions.  "I love abstract art because the story you see may not have been the story I was trying to tell.  And that's ok...Abstract art forces the viewer to have a conversation about what they see."

As a poet, she will use words that explains a story or feelings.  She let words linger in the air and paint visuals that are heart felt and full of promise.  She continues to stretch her gift academically and spiritually.


"Sometimes I feel I wear too many hats and I wonder if God's plan is clear for me.  But I realize the closer I get in my relationship with God...His plan is perfectly made for me.  My brain and spirit thrives when I am, poetry or food it doesn't matter."